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Spectre Moose is on the Loose! is a mini-RPG about the Spectre Moose of Maine, for one or more players without a GM. You play as the titular cryptid trying to get the recognition you deserve by spooking the humans.

Spectral mooses (meese?) might just be my new favorite cryptid. 

This short rpg brings flavorful, funny ideas and prompts that's great for improv storytelling either alone or with friends! The mechanics can fit in a business card and are excellent for pick-up gaming in your spare time. 

I'd love for Spectre Moose to be refreshed with some guidance or perhaps tips on how to set pacing or create specific scenes either thru additional prompts or advice on being your best moose, but the foundation is solid and it's an immensely satisfying read. 

This game is for:

  • People who have a silly sense of humor
  • Fans of moose and meese
  • Player(s) who want a quick game with easy mechanics

This game may not be for you if:

  • You're not comfortable with free-form improv or scene-building 
  • You prefer games with GMs

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoy this New England cryptid!